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GT racing car

    The Sixties produced some fantastic GT racing cars, long before the days of telementary; the drivers would sprint across the track at Le Mans for the start of the famous 24/hour race.

    To many this was the greatest decade in motor racing history. This era brought about the most beautifully styled race-bred super cars ever seen. Mid engine configuration began to dominate in World Sports car racing just as it had in Formula 1. Some of these racers were adapted for road use and with shattering performance and racecar handling, they can still out perform many of today's super cars. These 60's originals have become collectibles and in some cases command price tags in the millions, way out of reach to most enthusiasts. The CAVGT offers an affordable opportunity to live your dream in a beautiful recreation of a 60's classic without having to build a kit.

    The CAVGT is for the enthusiast whose desire is to own a classic sixties-style sports racer, but lacks the expertise, facilities or the hundreds of hours it takes to build a kit.

    Designed and manufactured in Cape Town South Africa, the CAVGT by CALIFORNIA ADVANCED VEHICLES is one of the world's finest street legal road/race cars, which captures all the passion of that exciting era. Owen Ashley, Chief of Engineering and Development at CAV, the former head of research and development at Toyota Racing Europe, brings to CAV years of racecar design, development and manufacturing. He has assembled a dedicated team to produce a rolling chassis with all the essential qualities of the original but with subtle enhancements, which only improve on what was already a superb automobile.

    This is not a kit car: it is a fully-assembled, factory-built and painted "turn key-minus" and is complete in every regard except that the customer selects his own motor and transaxle. The quality of the materials and construction is comparable to that of the world's most expensive sports cars. The CAVGT is engineered to accept any small block Ford engine: 289, 302, or 351 (only with ZF) and either the Getrag five-speed, the ZF 50825 or the RBT6. Unlike some turn key-minus cars, our price includes the transmission adapter, CVs, drive shafts, starter, bundle of snakes, headers, mufflers, etc. to suit your motor/transaxle choice. This cuts down the shop time for installation and the frustration of looking for components. Whether for the street or track the CAVGT is hard to beat.

     At just $62,500 for a painted and trimmed roller (excluding motor and transaxle), contact S/C Motorsports at 405-376-1400.

CAV GT 40 Specifications

CHASSIS - Monocoque, TIG welded high-grade stainless steel, integral rollover and side impact protection, tubular sub frames for radiator and transmission.

SUSPENSION - Independent unequal length wishbones offset A frame, anti-roll bar, aluminum upright (front). Independent double trailing links, lower inverted A frame and upper transverse link wishbones, anti-roll bar, aluminum upright (rear). Built in anti-dive, anti-squat, near zero bump steer.

SPRINGS/DAMPERS - Competition coil over type gas shocks with adjustable damping rate and variable spring height.

BRAKES - Dual circuit, front rear split with servo assistance, tandem master cylinder, proportioning valve. 11.375" ventilated rotors (front). 11.375" ventilated rotors with separate handbrake caliper (rear).

STEERING - Rack and Pinion. 3.2 turns from lock to lock.

WHEELS - BRM style alloy pin drive replica with center knock off 8" x 15" front 10" x 15" rear.

FUEL TANKS (2) - 10 gallon fuel safety cells sill mounted. Original style filler caps, total capacity 20 U.S. Gallons. Individual electric pumps and filters with dash change over switch.

EXHAUST - Stainless steel original pattern "Bundle of Snakes" eight-branch header system with two collectors, muffler and stainless steel heat shield.

TRANSMISSION ADAPTER - Aluminum bell housing supplied for either transaxle option. Getrag option requires a special flywheel, clutch and starter, included with the install kit.

CLUTCH - (Getrag) Single plate, 5 button 9-inch, diaphragm pressure plate. (ZF RBT uses regular Ford flywheel and clutch assembly, not supplied with the installation kit)

DRIVE SHAFTS - Race specification with CV joints.

COOLING - High efficiency, six-core front mounted aluminum radiator with twin auxiliary electric fans. Thermostatically controlled with manual override.

BODY - (High strength fiberglass composite construction.)
Style: Two door GT, Length: 164.5" Width: 70" Height: 40.5".
Wheelbase: 95" Dry Weight: 2,350 Lbs (including 302/getrag), Weight distribution 44F 56R.
Ground Clearance: 5"(in road trim)

INTERIOR - Dash, seats, tunnel, inside of doors and roof are black leather. Carpet automotive quality; seats are adjustable fore/aft, with brass or aluminum grommets, pedal box adjustable for tall drivers.

ELECTRICAL - Original style gauges (VDO or Smiths) and switches (Lucas) all circuits fused and relayed. Cibie headlamps, all other lights original pattern. Rear mounted battery box with master isolator switch.

**AII of the above is included in the price of the painted and trimmed rolling chassis**

CAV GT 40 Options

SUGGESTED MOTOR - Ford V8 small block 289/302cid with aluminum heads, 351 can be used (with RBT/ZF only) Induction Holley 4 barrel or 4x 481DF Webers or Injection system. Recommended power unit stroked 302 with approximately 400 bhp
Ignition - Electronic breaker-less is recommended

RBT 6 SPEED                                Audi Getrag 3V
Mph                                                                      Mph (at 6500rpm)
Ratios 1st    2.58    52                Ratios 1st     3.60    34
          2nd   1.61    83                            2nd    2.12    62
          3rd    1.14    118                          3rd    1.45    90
          4th    0.95    140                          4th    1.07    123
          5th    0.80    166                          5th    0.08    164
          6th    0.62    217
          Final drive    3.70                         Final drive     3.89
Recommended maximum power for the Audi transaxle is 400 bhp SAE

PERFORMANCE - (approximate with 400hp and RBT/ZF transaxle option using 7000rpm)
0-30 mph   2.2sec
0-40 mph   3.2sec
0-50 mph   4.0sec
0-60 mph   4.5sec
0-100mph  9.5sec

1964 Guardsman's Blue      2001 CAV Silver titanium
1964 Wimbledon White      2001 Sunburst yellow
1979 Silver poly                  2001 CAV Diamond black
1997 Le Mans blue             2003 F1 Red

PRICING March 2003 - The price for the fully completed painted and trimmed Mk 1 rolling chassis $62500 (excluding motor and transaxle) including full leather interior pack - seats, dash, tunnel, doors and roof, plus a custom cloth car cover.

OPTIONS- Factory fitted fully concealed air conditioner and heater $2500
17 inch wheels                   Oval race type deck vents
Full Roll cage                      Twin nostril panel
'Gulf' rear fender flares       'Gurney' bubble
snorkels                             Mesh grilles on intakes

RACE VERSION - A racing version will be available from mid 2003 onwards
Features include full roll cage, upgraded brakes and suspension, harness belts. POA.

SPYDER VERSION - will be available from spring 2003

**Prices and specification subject to change without notice**

CAV GT 40 Innovation in Motion

. Factory built - not a kit car. The rolling chassis is meticulously built from all new quality components at our factory in Cape Town South Africa, and then shipped to our USA dealers. Why spend months or years building a kit, you can be driving within one week of taking delivery of your painted and trimmed chassis.

. Stainless steel monocoque chassis, which is exceptionally strong and incorporates side impact and roll over protection. The torsionally rigid tub ensures racecar handling in a truly streetable car. Open up the hoods to reveal polished TIG welded stainless steel, not a riveted space frame.

. The fit and finish of our bodies is exceptional and we offer standard or wide rear fenders. Manufactured from an epoxy vynilester material, which combines high strength and an excellent paint finish.

. Inside you will find original style seats and instruments, for that real 60's feel plus high quality carpets, concealed air conditioning is a recommended option.

. We have created much more leg room and headroom than the original, allowing tall drivers to enjoy this 60's classic for the first time.

. S/C Motorsports ensures expert installation and after sales service as well as offer the right motor and transaxle choice to give you the car of your dreams.

Gt40 is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company, S/C Motorsports is not associated with Ford Motor Company.

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